Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Life

I have a new life. I live in a lovely apartment which faces east and I wake with the sun in my face. It is peaceful as there are woods called Deer Run, there are several such runs through Long island. I have thus far seen two deer and many rabbits and though this is not a farm land we have a family of turkeys who on occasion rule our traffic. It is sweet. Two foxes have passed by my window, one in the bush of the woods another this morning its thin red coat prancing through the expansive yard in the deep snow blanket to which we awoke. What joy to see nature up close. I have permanently left my old cheap opera glasses on my desk so I can follow the creatures as they emerge.

My last car supported my comings and goings for almost 22 years. My new silver hatchback will do the same I hope. I talk to my cars, they know that they are loved, just like my kids and my cats and my friends.
I am hustling to get a job. The money received for the sale of the house must be put away to let it grow. Doesn’t sound quite right, just leaving it there all by itself. We could have so much fun together!

At least fifteen inches of snow fell out here in eastern Long Island last night. Yet, when I went to clean off my car it was a joy. I keep a shovel in the car and an adjustable broom. All I had to do was shovel two feet into the road. What a difference from when I started shoveling at midnight and kept going through the night to keep my 50 foot driveway cleared.

Life had changed. In some ways it is good. Call me grandma! Of course MY granddaughter is the most beautiful child in the world. And, I expect that my other daughter is going to marry a man she has known for over twenty years: a widower. Then I will have three granddaughters!

And I have discovered that I have a terminal disease.
It is called life.